Every parent’s wish is for their children to grow up in surroundings which afford them the opportunity to develop to their full potential, somewhere they can find friends, a sense of self and a good education.

Boarding and Day school

In today’s stressful world, we offer a peaceful, balanced environment where students will receive an exceptional education. As either a boarder or a day student, your child will benefit from a caring infrastructure, small classes and personal attention.

Thanks to a complete secondary school programme, a Swiss Maturité programme, the French Baccalaureate, intensive language classes (studying French and English) and various summer courses, we are able to cater to your child’s educational needs, whatever they may be.

Open-mindedness, respect and strong self-awareness are some of the many qualities that your child can acquire and further develop while attending Institut «La Gruyère» - an institution famous for its international outlook and diverse student body.

Please contact us for the sake of your child’s future
Please contact us for the sake of your child’s future


Institut "la Gruyère"
Collège international

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Créer et développer un esprit de travail et d'étude chez chaque élève

 - create and develop a spirit of work and study in each student.

 - organise cultural and extra-curricular activities (conferences, theatre, shows and trips) to complement the teaching given in class.

- provide a quality of teaching that meets the needs of each student in a structure that is on a human scale. This tends to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of the students and helps them to become eco citizens who are respectful of the environment.

- maintain and develop an excellent quality to all the services provided to the students: catering, cleaning, transport, utilities, administration and security.

- develop and maintain a quality community life by encouraging the spirit of openness, respect and well-being.

- implement a quality management system in the context of continuous improvement.

- organise individual and team sports activities so the students have a healthy lifestyle.

- hire competent staff and value their professional roles.